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THETUT03 Trainer 2x Tower + 1 Rower™


All the basic gear you need for performance is here. Enjoy over 250 exercises that train you for increased speed, performance and endurance. Rapid and exhaustive exercises for your sport-specific needs will deliver a better version of you.


Tensioned rowing is rapidly exhausting. Having upper and lower body tensioning means you must push to accelerate then equally resist to decelerate. The compound effect is amazing. Just sustain five minutes on this rower for warm up or cool down and you’ll feel it all day. No other rower in the world does this.


Metabolic science demonstrates the destabilization and increased resistance as you pull crushes muscle fibers at the apex of the move. Pause at the top and feel the difference as you cause the safe fibrous micro-tears that will initiate the rebuilding of more and newer muscle.


The versatility of this training system allows people of any age to get exactly the response their body needs to strengthen and increase vitality, tone and energy. This exercise may be the actual key to youth. Science is proving it daily.


Expect to see many changes, and not just in your body composition. You will have leaner muscle mass but you should also anticipate increased flexibility, faster reflexive response and increased stamina.

Includes:  2 X TUT Trainer™ Tower, Aluminum Curl Bar, Carabiner, Wall Mount Plates,  Ankle Straps (2), Single Handles (2), Rope Lock, 150 lbs of TUT Plates™ - Resistance Bands (6 x 20lbs; 2 x 10lbs; 2 x 5lbs), Door Clamps.

1 Rower™, TUT Plates™ (Resistance Bands) 3 x 20lbs; TUT Trainer Tower Connector

TIER 1 TUT Training App

Does Not Include Accessories such as  Vertical Jump Belt and Power Bar.